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Children protection

The most valuable thing we have is our children. Unfortunately, there are too many dangers in this world for our children. Parents, grandparents cannot be close entire time. While children are small, they perform a small feat each day, leaving early in the morning for school. Their path lies across the road, a busy road, underground passages, abandoned construction sites. They travel by buses, trolleybuses, trams, metro, trains, etc. On this section of the road they are surrounded by various dangers, ranging from teenage hooligans, inattentive drivers, indifferent adults, to criminals specializing in kidnapping and redemption of children and sexual maniacs. The child can get lost, sit on the wrong vehicle, disorient in space, he can suddenly get sick on the way. Not all parents can afford to accompany children to school and meet them and stay at home with them after school. How can a children tell his parents about their problems? And if there is no connection or the parents are discharged? We ask the parents not to worry and trust us.

One of the most popular in the world and completely new service in Russia, from our company: RED ZONE.

The Red Zone in international safety classification is a level of high, critical danger. When a child is in trouble, it is considered as a critical situation, a situation in the format of the Red Zone. If your child has on phone mobile app "RSB-Group Security", then he always, by pressing a single button in the mobile application, can contact the duty operator of RSB-Group and explain the problem. It is even possible to photograph the attacker, and the photo will also automatically come to the desk of the duty attendant. Additionally, we constantly get the exact coordinates of your child on GPS and will track them until the child is safe. We will also notify the child's parents and will be in constant contact with them. If necessary, we can immediately call an ambulance or police to help your child, we will guide and correct them according to the received coordinates. If necessary, we will send out our patrol car for urgent assistance and evacuation of your child. We will deliver him home and give it to the authorized relatives.

The second option to ensure the safety of your child is to assign him a guard (if necessary, a female guard) who will accompany your child to school, meet him and take him home, for training, for courses, etc. All information is described in the terms of the Agreement between RSB-Group and the customer.

Do not save your money on children and peace! Allow the forces of the RSB-Group to support you in ensuring the safe movement of your child at the streets of our city.