RSB Group

Full complex of services on object protection
and security provision in Russian Federation

About company

In reserve of the PMC RSB-Group at the territory of Russian Federation there is a Group of Security Organizations (GSO) RSB-Group», that structurally is the part of international company RSB Group. We provide our activities since 2005 at the security services market. The management of company follows unified international standards, instructions, requirements and reporting.

Twenty four hour call-center of the RSB-Group, as well as multi-level control of security guards, psychological and professional examination of the personnel, provides immaculate quality and high level of security and other related activities that have been held in Russian Federation. Our staff works not only at the territory of Russian Federation, but also in the countries with the high level of terroristic activity. More than 5 years the RSB-Group successfully provides military escort and security of marine vessels in piracy dangerous regions of the world Ocean.

Unified professional standards, common centralized management of different units of the RSB-Group allows to ensure security of valuable cargo or object in any conditions.

The RSB-Group is the official security services delivery for the United Nations (UN). Our registration number is 403872. The group of private security organizations has all necessary registration documents and licenses for security activities as well as for the armed maritime security activity at the territory of Russian Federation.

The Group of security organizations RSB-Group got an acknowledgement of many customers. The fact that customers regularly use our services and recommend us to the partners and friends is the highest evaluation criteria for us.

We always provide the high quality services.

We pay great attention to our staff and confident that the most important and reliable element of security system is the person.