RSB Group

Full complex of services on object protection
and security provision in Russian Federation

Security services prices

The final cost of protection (escort) of the facility will be determined after conduction of security audit and the calculation of the forces and facilities necessary to accomplish the task.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you have a well-coordinated team of RSB-Group: duty operator officer, analysts, security inspectors, team leaders, security officers.

Starting cost of our services is from 110 rubles per hour for one employee.

Work schedules: upon request of the customer (standard schedules 12 and 24 hours).

All equipment and technical means of protection are at the level of world standards.

Preliminary price-list

Type of object Type of protection 12 h 24 h
Group 1
constructions, warehouses, parking, cottages, economy shops
Non armed security from 180 from 110
Armed security from 195 from 130
Group 2
offices, TC, BC class "В, С" clubs, restaurants, hotels up to 3*
Non armed security from 210 from 155
Armed security from 220 from 170
Group 3
jewelry shops, boutiques, banks, elite restaurants, TC, BC class «А», hotels up to 3*
Non armed security from 220 from160
Armed security from 230 from 170

*the price in rubles per hour

Type of security 12 h 24 h
Bodyguard with weapon from 8 000 from 10 000
Bodyguard-driver with weapon from 10 000 from 12 000
Car and driver Upon request Upon request

*Price in rubles per 1 shift

Type of security services Shedule 12 h 24 h
Security personnel without weapon 1 shift from 5 500 from 7 500
Security personnel with weapon 1 shift from 6 500 from 8 500

*Price in rubles per 1 shift

Regular fee Per month Per year
Tariff «Alpha», up to 3 inquires per month 500 rub. 5 500 rub.
Tariff «Beta», up to 5 inquires per month 800 rub. 9 300 rub.
Tariff «Charlie», up to 10 inquires per month 1 300 rub. 15 000 rub.
Tariff «Sigma», up to 30 inquires per month 3 000 rub. 27 000 rub.

*The consultations not used are not transferred and summarized for the next month


* All prices at are indicated for informational purposes and are not considered as a public offer, identified by article 437 CC of the RF.

The cost of each service is the subject to calculation and depends on customer’s requests, terms of work, number of personnel, time period, location where the services are to be provided, existence of technical means of protection at the object, operational situation or terroristic threat at the object etc. We do not allow samples during the planning of the project. All calculations are individual. There are to options for customer: “Fast and cheap” or “Expensive and effective”. For more detailed calculations for services the request for meeting should be left by the customer. Our specialist will visit the customer and object, will conduct an audit and provide the cost effective and the mostly well-organized plan of work for security groups.