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Marine security

The PSE RSB-Group is the only security company in Russia that has a qualified and professional group of maritime security. Protection of sea vessels from pirates, armed protection and escort of trade ships in the Indian and Atlantic Ocean, the struggle with sea pirates in the Guinea and Gulf of Aden, the Straits of Malacca, the safe passage of ships through the Bab el Mandeb Strait, maritime reconnaissance, security consulting, preparation of ships for passage through pirate-dangerous regions of the World Ocean, the struggle against sea pirates, the protection of sea structures, piers, ships in overwater and underwater conditions, the protection of offshore oil and gas platforms anywhere in the world – these are the specializations of the maritime security group from the PSE RSB-Group.

Since 2011 we have escorted in convoy and in individual confinement more than 120 civil vessels under Russian and offshore flags. We have not "lost" any of the vessels guarded by us. More than 10 times our maritime security groups entered into fire contact with sea pirates. We know everything about maritime security. The struggle against sea pirates is our credo and professional path.

All maritime security officers have a ULM (seafarers' identity document), a seafarer's book, they are trained for specialized courses STCW95 and SOLAS, have access to gas carriers and tankers, and have passed SSO courses (security officer on a seagoing vessel) and most importantly - our officers have a unique experience protection of sea vessels and protection of ships in pirate-dangerous areas of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean.

The battle won is a battle that did not happen. Specialists in the field of maritime safety from the RSB-Group prepare the vessel for passage through pirate-dangerous areas. Preventive measures of passive protection combined with professional Russian armed protection significantly increase the chances of safe transit of any vessel, from a small tugboat and dry cargo ship to huge tankers, passengers of marine liners.

We are able to provide both armed and unarmed protection.

Our guard groups actively use acoustic cannons in their guard, a non-lethal weapon, which allows them to actively coerce the pirate attacking ships to change their intentions unconditionally.

Our partners recommend us to their friends, our clients call us "Sea Angels"! This is the highest assessment of the work of our maritime security groups.

You can get acquainted with official recommendation and thanking letters at the website of RSB-Group in the section of maritime operations.