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Full complex of services on object protection
and security provision in Russian Federation

«HOT LINE» of the RSB Group

One of the most demanded services by the customers of the RSB-Group is the «HOT LINE»" of the RSB-Group. This service of the RSB-Group allows 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, without days off, to receive security advice from qualified personnel of the RSB-Group.

Safety of our client is very important for us. We do not differentiate the financial component of the client and do not mark them as a first choice and second choice. All clients have VIP status. For more urgent response to the problems that occurred with our client, and also for the convenience of the client, our specialists developed a unique system of interaction and information exchange. Each client of the RSB-Group receives an individual ID card of the RSB-Group with a unique identification number.

In case of a call to the "HOT LINE" line, the client calls the ID number of the card or the full name and company name and code word (to avoid false calls of emergency response services). English-speaking (for not Russian speaking clients) or Russian-speaking operator of the RSB-Group will receive a request. Depending on the complexity of the issue, our operator will give the most acceptable professional recommendation for action in this situation. The Emergency Line "HOT LINE" of the RSB Group is ready to provide the client with advice or recommendations on following issues:

  • Any inquiries related to possible accidents, conflicts and threats while driving on roads;
  • What to do in case of fire (before the arrival of the fire team);
  • Your actions when detecting suspicious objects at the territory of the enterprise, office or in the courtyard of the house;
  • What steps to take in the event of person disappear;
  • Emerging potentially dangerous, non-standard situations, conflicts and emergencies;
  • First aid to the injured person, who was attacked, robbered, raped and other criminal effects;
  • Quick information and consultation assistance (addresses, phone numbers of services, institutions, organizations, evacuation services, tire repair, shops, locksmith, etc.) at any time;
  • Your actions and actions of your family in conditions of possible terrorist attack;
  • What to do if you are kidnapped or taken hostage, how to behave with terrorists;
  • Other non-standard circumstances that may arise depending on the situation and location of the client.

If the client is connected to the service of our mobile application "RSB Security", we will be able to promptly send out a police guard or an ambulance, as well as our lawyer and a quick response team directly to the place where our client needs to be supported or evacuated from.