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Personal Security

Human life is the unconditional value that exists in the world. Life and health of close people, this is the most priceless thing that we have. Unfortunately, not everyone shares our opinion. Attackers for different reasons try to invade our lives: murder, blackmail, kidnapping of children for the purpose of obtaining ransom or for the subsequent transplantation of organs, attempts to influence business, murder of principled businessmen and politicians, mutilation, etc.

Professional personal protection (bodyguards) is the elite of the security business, which provides its services to protect human life and health. People imagine sworn guys without intelligence, with a square head, fully armed and shooting at everything that moves near the guarded person. In fact, the nineties have already passed, and today, personal protection officers are generally highly educated intellectuals, in good physical condition, having a higher education and developed analytical and logical thinking.

Our specialists on personal security will conduct a complex of operational activities, study and analyze all possible threats and plan routes and options of the algorithm of actions in case of threat to our client. We work according to international standards and requirements. Dozens of successful operations to support and protect the client not only in Russia, but also in West Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia allow us to say that we are one of the best security services on the market. Our employees have experience in military service, combat experience, speak foreign languages and periodically get trainings not only in Russia, but also in the areas with high terrorist activity. We are ready to provide professional personal protection for the required period, in order to avoid the lowest threat to the health and life of the client and his family members both in Russia and abroad.

The client needs to clearly understand that an effective defense system is not built only by weapons, but also using intelligence, analysis and logic. This is exactly how professionals from the RSB-Group work. We regularly analyze the positive and negative experience of our colleagues both in Russia and abroad, conduct SWOT-analysis and select the most successful practice, effectively implementing it within the common security system for the client.

We basically do not work with criminal structures, members of terrorist organizations, as well as with projects that directly or indirectly conflict with Russian and international laws, conventions, regulations and acts.

Your safety is our job!