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Cargo escorts

RSB-Group Convoy. Сопровождение Грузов.

One of the most important problems for the carrier today is the safety of cargo during transportation. During transportation, the transported cargo is the most vulnerable and it is at this point, according to statistics, more than 60% of all thefts are committed. A competent organization of protection, preventive measures of protection and the experience of escort and protection are a guarantee of the success of the operation to support the cargo as a whole. We offer the customer timely and safe transportation of goods. In a criminal environment, a difficult economic situation in the country and low incomes of citizens, a transported cargo without escort and protection becomes easy enough for criminals. The driver will not get into battle or race with criminals for someone’s cargo and is not ready to enter into battle with them. The task of the carrier is to deliver the cargo in time, the task of protection is to ensure its protection and escort. In a rapidly growing and competing environment - the fulfillment of its obligations and contracts is an important condition for the effective operation of the enterprise.

At each stage of movement of goods RSB-Group cares and is responsible for the escorted cargo.

Door-to-door service is one of the most popular services from RSB-Group. We start work from the initial stage of receiving the goods by the carrier in the warehouse, we provide 24 hour escort and protection. Operative services of the RSB-Groupthrough the GPS Tracker, "lead" a car with a cargo. Our guard groups can be located next to the driver, or in a separate patrol car. The customer can receive information about location and safety of the cargo every hour. During the use of such an algorithm of protection, the customer can be assured on the quality of provided security services. All support services from the RSB-Group anywhere in the world will be equally qualitative and impeccable.

The escort of valuable cargoes is implemented not only in Russia, but also all over the world. Having the connections and capabilities of our international partners, under the leadership of Russian leaders from RSB-Group, we reliably and surely deliver goods from point A to point B, both on land and by sea. We provide reliable protection and protection of cargo during sea transportation from Somali or Nigerian pirates.

We use our knowledge and experience to achieve safe routes, and impeccable results.