RSB Group

Full complex of services on object protection
and security provision in Russian Federation

Security systems projections

The company "RSB Engineering" provides design, development, installation and maintenance of integrated security systems.

RSB Engineering has been working for a long time with technical means of protection. By the request of customer we will carry out design, select the most optimal and reliable equipment, supply, adjust and maintain technical safety systems. Our offer is not limited only to access control systems, video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems. We supply to the Russian market a unique security equipment of the best world quality. Equipment with use of nanotechnology, fundamentally new security systems, non-lethal weapons produced in Russia, Denmark, the United States, Israel, etc.

We professionally install various security systems at sites of different complexity: apartments, cottages, country houses, offices, shopping centers, warehouses, jewelry and grocery stores, garage complexes, exchanges, banks, construction sites, industrial facilities, seaports, piers, airports, sea vessels, etc.

RSB Engineering provides its customers with not only high quality of rendered services, but also offers the most optimal options for installation and operation of security equipment to the customer. Specialists with extensive experience will conduct reconnaissance, inspect and examine the facility, will install security equipment as well as conduct assessment of the object and identify the most vulnerable access points. Security and fire alarm and other systems can be designed and installed by specialists of RSB Engineering in the shortest time. Our specialists-technicians use only proven and well-proven, high-quality, certified equipment of the best world manufacturers.

The technical department of the RSB Engineering offers a powerful and effective non-lethal means - powerful acoustic cannons "TOR" and police shields "Shelest" of its own production to protect all forms of property both on land and in the sea.

We are also ready to supply you with special equipment in the following areas:

  • Security alarm
  • Fire alarm
  • Protection against theft
  • Monitoring systems, audio monitoring, notification
  • Firefighting
  • Perimeter protection
  • Protection of computer and network information
  • Integrated security systems
  • Examination and antiterrorist technology
  • Individual protection means
  • Means of self-defense
  • Means of rescue, special motor transport
  • Means of cargo identification and integrity control
  • Office and banking equipment
  • Support and maintenance of security systems
  • Explosion-proof equipment, flame retardant materials and structures
  • Vehicle Protection
  • Special equipment / overalls