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Mobile application

In international practice of security terminology “Red Zone” is the maximum level of danger, where urgent response and help is required immediately. Secial for you we offer you special app, which will support you any time. 24 hours, 7 day a week and 365 days a year our application will be always with you without any interruptions. It will immediately inform us on occurred problems and identify your location. And will transmit photo made by you from the event place.

“Red zone – RSB-Group” is software that is installed as an application for free on your smartphone with the Android or IOS operating system. The main task is the timely transmission of an alarm signal (a signal about assistance) from an individual who entered into a Service Agreement with RSB-Group. You do not have to do anything else. The program “Red zone – RSB-Group” will independently send data with coordination of your location to the on-duty part of the RSB-Group.

In order to properly activate and use the program for its correct work, you must have active GPS connections and Internet services on your phone. In cases where cellular communications, GPS and Internet are not available, the program will remember the alarm and your location and, upon communication, will instantly transmit the signal with the coordinates of the operative duty officer of the RSB-Group to the control panel.

The duty operator will identify your location at the map with an accuracy of 2 meters and immediately will contact you in order to clarify details. The application allows you to get in touch with one-touch contact with the RSB-Groups duty operator (to cancel an alarm call, explain the situation you got to, receive instructions, etc). The “Red zone – RSB-Group” will help you to get in touch with our 24-hour "HOT LINE" service of the RSB-Group to receive urgent advice at any time of the day on any issues.

How does the service "HOT LINE" RSB-Group work?

Sending a RED ZONE signal in an emergency:

  • You are illegally detained, in your opinion, by the police and you need the legal support;
  • You have an accident and are sure that this is “fake accident”, or you are sure of your innocence. You are threatened and racketed. The current situation scares you, and you cannot adequately assess it and feel a sense of anxiety and fear, and you cannot get through to your lawyer and the traffic police for some reason ignores your calls;
  • You get lost in the city, you cannot determine your location, you need to call a taxi, but you do not know where;
  • You are at restaurant, at nightclub, at an event, etc. You are drunk, you are threatened by unknown people, you are afraid to go home alone. You need to escort you to a safe place, or provide a taxi;
  • You suddenly became ill in the street or indoors. Health "failed". You need to call an ambulance, but you cannot navigate in space;
  • You are a foreigner (tourist, student, person who came on a business trip), you have problems in our city. You need advice, you need some help etc.;
  • An attack is planned on your apartment (cottage, house, office), or the attack has already occurred and you need prompt response of all services (Police, Emergency, Fire Protection, Rapid Response Group "RSB Group").

To send an alarm message, start the application and press the large RED ZONE button on the left side of the screen.

Within 2–3 seconds after pressing the RED ZONE button, the duty operator will receive a signal from your smartphone and see your location online on the interactive map, as well as your contact information (photo, blood type, contact numbers, phones relatives or proxies, passport data, etc.). After receiving the RED ZONE signal, the duty operator will give the task to the crew of the closest to you the Urgent Response Team and will contact you in order to clarify the situation. During the setting of tasks from the duty officer nearest to you to the crew of the URT, an alarm signal appears with the indication of your location and your contact information on the tablet (which is in the switched on state of the senior URT). The senior URT determines your location, determines the most optimal traffic route. You will learn about the successful passage of the RED ZONE alarm by seeing the change in the color of the RED ZONE button's icon from red to green and a text message to your smartphone: "The RED ZONE signal is received by the OD", after which the application allows you to use the phone in normal modes, since "Hang-up" and disconnection is carried out only from the security company's console after the termination of the alarm call. All this time, you do not stay alone. The entire operation is under the control of the duty operator of the RSB Group, which will send to you not only the URT, but also will provide all necessary services.

In order to get in contact with duty officer of the RSB Group for cancellation of alarm, obtaining of instructions from the duty officer, and also to report an alarm situation if you are in a room where the location signal does not pass, you need to click the "Call the operator panel" button in the lower left corner of the screen.

In order to remove the RED ZONE level, you must click the "End call" button in the lower right corner. The duty operator will contact you in any case, in order you to confirm the command with the code word.