RSB Group

Full complex of services on object protection
and security provision in Russian Federation

RSB-group Concepts

  • We apply our efforts in order to be acknowledged as a recognized leader for providing the right solutions in the area of security and safety services not only in Russia, but also at the international level;
  • "Equal among the best and best among the first"RSB-Group is a reliable group of security companies that offers security and legal services at the highest level and achieves the best cost effectiveness in its field of work;
  • "Innovations in the field of security" – we always find time to focus on our customers, understand their needs and offer the best option for price and quality;
  • Our strength is to give the opportunity to offer the customer exact services that meet his needs, and nothing superfluous.
  • We never offer our Customer what we would have refused ourselves.
  • We are not just another security company that sees in the Customer only financial interest. We are the company integrated into problems of our Customer, we perceive them as our own, and we try to neutralize these troubles in various ways within the legislation. We are always interested in a strong, developing and promising customer.
  • Success of the customer is our success!