RSB Group

Full complex of services on object protection
and security provision in Russian Federation

Physical protection of objects

RSB Group offers professional and high-quality physical protection of facilities both in the Russian Federation and abroad. An experienced and well-trained, highly paid staff, which within 24 hours a day 365 days a year provides reliable protection and protection of any object of any form of ownership. We pay special attention to the selection, testing and training of personnel. We never offer the customer the protection, specialists or services, which we would refuse ourselves.

Our security groups provide physical protection for various objects of complexity:

  • protection of office premises, office centers
  • protection of shops, shopping centers
  • warehousing
  • protection of factories and enterprises
  • protection of territories (parking lots, parking lots, garages, construction sites)

During the physical protection of the object the security guard of the RSB Group is continuously located at the protected facility and clearly operates in accordance with the contractual obligations, instructions and legal requirements of the customer. The use of physical protection is necessary in a situation where the technical means of protection are not sufficient to ensure security, or there is no possibility of installing them. The main and most important task of the guard is prevention, creation of conditions for warning of threats to the property or material and commodity means of the customer. Our security personnel successfully solve these tasks in the context of possible unlawful actions of malefactors against the customer.

Our employees use a uniform, work according to the common international standards accepted in our group of companies "RSB". If necessary, they can carry first-aid kits, satellite communication equipment, special equipment. All security guards pass psychological training and monthly testing, which means that they are able to prevent and resolve various conflict situations.

With support of radio stations, GSM communications, telephone line, as well as special software, our guards maintain a constant connection of security guards with the 24-hour duty center of RSB Group.

In emergency situations, information is immediately transferred to the control center of RSB Group and the company's management. If necessary, patrol crews of emergency response teams are sent to the place of the incident, the police, fire brigade are notified and the "First Aid" is called.