RSB Group

Full complex of services on object protection
and security provision in Russian Federation

Company advantages

  1. We never lie to the customers. Neither in price nor in work and effectiveness of our services. The objective of the PSO RSB-Group is to provide maximum effectiveness and output for customer entrusted us. We have an individual approach to the customers.
  2. We never lie to the staff. They are the exact people who provide professional growth to the company and grow along with company.
  3. We differ from any other security organizations. Our management approach, decision making in non-standard situations, corporate culture, differs us from other security organizations.
  4. We apply best world experience of security business, but within the Russian Federation legislation. Many of our specialists are involved in the work abroad, they provide security services to as Russian as foreign customers, in land and in ocean.
  5. We are recommended to friends. This is the highest evaluation of our competency at the security services market. More than 80% of customers visit us by their friends or partners advice.
  6. We are interested in customer’s security not less than the customer. Когда у нашего Заказчика все хорошо с безопасностью и охраной, то мы понимаем, что наша работа сделана не зря. Это очень важно для нас и понимания своей ценности в системе бизнес - развития нашего Заказчика.
  7. Every new customer for us is our potential friend. We consider problems of our friends as our problems, and we have individual approach to each objective.
  8. In timely and adequate financing we have the ability to implement our tasks within the legislation frames. Our experience allows us to operate in every point of the world.Our knowledge was gained over the 12 years in the area of security ensuring as well in Russian Federation as in the zones of high terroristic activity abroad.