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Security abroad

Despite the fact that the license for security activities restricts the possibility of providing personal protection services only to the territory of the Russian Federation, we are able to legally provide physical protection services to our customer practically anywhere in the world where professional protection and safety services will be required. To fulfill the terms of the contract for personal protection outside the Russian Federation, we established security companies that are part of the group of security companies RSB Group in the EU zone, as well as in the zone of British jurisdiction. Such a strategic approach allows us to flexibly adapt to different situations and tasks, promptly and competently tactically and legally plan and execute a full range of activities aimed at protecting the customer outside of Russian Federation.

Ensuring security abroad is a complex of operational and tactical measures, the task of which is to comply with the current legislation in the host country, to resolve the issue of the legal use of weapons, to create conditions under which a protected person could feel confident and calm.

The personnel of the security companies group RSB Grouphave experience in protecting and provide security services for customers not only in calm European countries, but also in the areas with high terrorist and criminal activity: the Middle East, Africa, North Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, the UAE, e. both on land and in the waters of the Indian Ocean. We can confidently name ourselves professionals in the field of providing security services abroad among all Russian PPCs. The federal group of security companies RSB Group is the best among the best. This fact is confirmed by our customers, who come back to us again and again. For more than ten years of our history, we did not lose our guards as wounded or killed. No customer was attacked or injured. We have always clearly, at a traditionally high level, implemented our commitments on the contract. This is the result of the well-coordinated work of many people: a security team, a technical intelligence team, information and analytical service and a duty officer.

Using our contacts and contacts among special services in the host country, good and mutually beneficial friendly relations with local security structures, we enjoy great support from our partners and believe that this is the best way to work abroad.

You can order the service "Protection abroad" in the group of companies RSB Group and be sure that regardless of country location you will receive the full and qualitative range of services from the RSB Group.

Submit your application for personal protection, and our specialist will contact you at the nearest time in order to clarify the tasks and planning a set of measures aimed at protecting the life of our client abroad.

You can order both your image protection (negotiations, signing of important papers, etc.), and really serious and armed security, which will save what is much more valuable image – your life.

We are not angels... We are just always around.